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Each year Limestone publishes works by University of Kentucky undergraduates: the winning story of the Dantzler Award for Fiction and the winning poem of the Farquahar Award for Poetry. We are pleased to include Tiwaladeoluwa Beloved Adekunle, the winner of the 2015 Farquhar Award for Poetry, in this edition. 

by Tiwaladeoluwa Beloved Adekunle 

to be stained is to be woman,
you are told
so you become one on your knees,
watching blood glide down your legs in slow, lazy lines
your body like a secret or a poem or maybe
a fruit sliced open.

this wound has been quiet too long
now it sings
now it leaks
softly unto your skin.

your hands are stained with blood
you wash them, quickly
for your mother’s sake.


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