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by Abigail Warren

               (Human remains found in a German bog marsh,
approximately 2,500 years old)

A redhead, left-handed.
Cause of death unknown.

Researchers call her Girl Moora.
Her 17, perhaps 18-year-old, body
found in perfectly acidic peat,
with two healed skull fractures;
arm bones show stress from
carrying heavy loads, most likely water;
bone growth indicates malnutrition during childhood,
tumor at the base of her skull created a curved spine,
thus chronic inflammation in her leg bones.
Found naked

Backseat of a Taxi

I watched on the TV screen a small body
carried into the cab
first hospital turned them away
the second one, too late.
If one day scientists find your bones
the report will say: female, about 5 years old;
a piece of lead found
in the bones of her throat,
trajectory shows that it
entered the side of her cheek.
Bone structure indicates good health
at the time of her death.
Found in an area once known as Syria.

Perhaps a human sacrifice.


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