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by Andrew Ruzkowski

The flesh beside me is not the rayed  
lust I am searching for

not the unknown I want                       
In your dreams my floors are kidneys & livers 

But really the floors are soaking 
wet & consuming me whole

The water grows deeper every day 
I am certain it is real

I want trees to grow inside you
I want to peel wax & untame

I want trees to grow inside you 
because the sun is gray

& its grayness unending  
The grayness is a beautiful

shade    a skin in water  
I want your salt to turn an ocean

coral my bones            Temples throb  
It is still this water         it is still deepening

in fathoms sounding a forgotten song
I think of glass in your ears & worms in mine

I think walking on water past the long 
side of things                The water layers skin & ice

Taste snow & dirt & a dog's paw
Think piss & salt & electrolytes

Touch a swimming sound tunnel
a letter singing flesh to rise


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