We know what it's like: you send your writing off into the ether and wait, patiently, for a response. Weeks go by, sometimes months, and you've heard nothing. At the other end, an editorial team is frantically trying to get through their submissions, a never-ending process. We know how you feel--anxious and sometimes frustrated. We're all writers; we feel that way too. 

So, in the interests of satisfying your hunger for a crumb of knowledge, we've gathered together some statistics that might help you feel less frustrated. We hope you'll feel less frustrated, anyway. Thank Catherine, our Editor-in-Chief, for these numbers--she has a secret penchant for math (ssshhhh, don't tell anyone). 

As ever, though, if six months have gone by and we've been silent, don't hesitate to send us an email to query your submission's status. That said, if you haven't heard anything, we promise your submission is still under consideration. We send out decisions as soon as we make them--it isn't fair to keep you hanging any longer than absolutely necessary. 

Here's the statistical update on the State of Limestone for March 2016.

* The oldest piece we're still considering (aside from our short list) is from January 2016.
* If you submitted before February 2016 and you're on our short list for our Summer 2016 issue, we've already been in touch with you to let you know. 

* The newest piece that we decided upon was from February 2016
* If you submitted after 13th February 2016, we haven't read your work yet, but we promise we're getting to it. 
* We currently have 95 pieces at some stage of the decision-making process.
* Our average turnaround time is currently 67 days.