To our Limestone family:

Limestone is delighted to announce the launch of our 30th Anniversary edition this spring! This means that we have been collecting some of our best poetry and prose from former contributors and compiling it into one issue for our readers. Some of these pieces go as far back as 1986, and include nationally recognized authors such as Gurney Norman, Ed McClanahan, and Wendell Berry. We’re very proud of our contributors, and we want to share in their literary success. The community of writers and readers we’ve built together are what make 30 years of publishing special and memorable, and we’re glad to be able to celebrate and share in this achievement. So here’s to you – thank you for reading, creating, and sharing with us your stories and artwork. We couldn’t express our gratitude for the past thirty years in any other way.

We invite you to continue submitting! Our spring edition isn’t the end – it’s the beginning. To celebrate this, we’ve put together a few fun things for you:

In the next few months we’ll be hosting a giveaway! This giveaway will feature work from some of our admirable faculty here at the University of Kentucky. It will also give you a chance to make it into the Limestone social media spotlight! More details to come on this project, but we hope you’re just as thrilled as we are about this opportunity.

Additionally, we’ll be reintroducing you to our staff in a new and personal way. We read your pieces, we listen to your stories, but how well do you know us? Our Masthead has a list of all of our wonderful editors, staff members, and interns, but it doesn’t allow you to know us outside of a quick blurb and a picture. So, we’ve created a blog series titled “Limestone’s Top 10” in which we feature 10 of our amazing staff members, and 10 things that are personal to them. Each person has creative liberty to share and express themselves in any way they choose to do so. This can be anything from pictures, to stories, to interesting facts. We hope that you learn a little more about each of us in this process, and that we can continue to grow as a community of writers, readers, creators together. As always, our staff changes from time to time, but just know that the mark each of us leaves is permanent. Who knows – maybe another thirty years from now you could be featured in Limestone’s 60th anniversary edition!

Until then, we extend our most sincere thanks, and hope you’re excited for what’s to come.


The Limestone Team