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by Saakshi Joshi

And I thought of Zhenya,
the little Russian girl,
with the rainbow flower,
travelling between worlds.
And my mind hopped
from Zhenya to you.

In the heart of my hearts
I know
You are a traveller too.

I stare at the watch
Black and white in zigzag
Leather straps
The one you left behind
The one I wear on my right wrist
The one I remember you by
The one whose dial remains unmoved
As I haven’t bothered changing the time.

And I think of the olives from that 9:45 p.m. January Monday
That you simply kept on the cheap, square table
With a long, lingering smile.

With those oranges stuffed in between,
Now chilling out in my fridge
In that expensive glass bottle
With nobody eating them, really.

I tried
but no more
I hope a more suitable
Home and eater
They’ll soon find.
Preferably you.

And those fancy olives
Made me think –
“What have you been up to?”

All I can say is,
Visas can take long darling
Give it some time
In our fictive free lives,
That is all we can really do.


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