Meet Sarah!

1. I'm bad at putting things together (think IKEA and postal boxes) but good at organizing things (ALL the to-do lists and spreadsheets).

2. On my "favorites" playlist: Sara Bareilles, Adele, Taylor Swift, Ingrid Michaelson. Partially because they're fun to sing along with in the car, and I apparently can't go anywhere without singing the whole way. (I'm sometimes hoarse at the end of road trips.)

3. I didn't figure out how to snap my fingers until I was in fourth or fifth grade. I remember standing in the risers for children's choir and trying to pretend. Don't ask why this was so hard to learn--I have no clue!

4. I still can't whistle... at all. How does everyone else in the world do it?

5. I'm from Charleston, West-by-God-Virginia. I love the mountains and the river and the people. I dislike chemical spill sirens and regional stereotypes.

6. During undergrad, I spent time abroad in England and Bulgaria. Among other things, I now harbor deep affections for Pimm's Cups and the Cyrillic alphabet.

7. I started getting gray hair when I was thirteen.

8. My biggest literary crush: Margaret Atwood.

9. After the MFA is over, I'll be a government consultant with a project management firm. Yay, job!

10. In an undergrad honors seminar, we made sculptures using serious power tools: plasma torches, welding torches, and all kinds of fun saws I didn't know existed. Surprisingly, I made it out of there without any permanent scars or trips to the ER. And there was only one close call. I still like looking at the sculpture I welded; it might be ugly as all get out, but the welds hold strong.


Sarah Abbott is an MFA candidate and teaching assistant at the University of Kentucky. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Rappahannock Review, Easy Street, Polaris, Ekphrastic, and Fly in the Head. She is the creative nonfiction senior editor for Limestone.