First, we would like to thank EVERYBODY who submitted their work to this contest. It has been a joy to read all of your stories, and to see firsthand the amount of talent and creativity from so many young Appalachian writers. It was a very hard decision to narrow down, but we have finally chosen our winner! Without further ado, please join us in congratulating, Kimn Hinkson!
Kimn Hinkson is from Memphis, Tennessee. She attends Tennessee Technological University in Cookeville, Tennessee. Kimn has been writing for the majority of her life, and calls it her life's calling. She is also a winner of TTU's Clara Cox Epperson Prose Contest, and the Sheila H. Officer Endowment Scholarship. She loves Bret Easton Ellis, and her favorite novel is Less Than Zero.
Kimn's piece, Frozen Zoo will be published in our Spring 2016 issue alongside previous contributors as part of Limestone's 30th anniversary edition. Here's a sneak peek of the story:

Halfway hidden in a doghouse was what looked like a mammoth-sized spider, frozen so delicately that the hairs on its body twinkled like grass kissed by frost.
Dan handed me the flashlight. “Take this. I have to get that tarantula.”
“Wait. Take it?”
He pushed the light into my hands. “Course,” he said, “what else?” And without missing a beat he embraced the rusty wires of the cage and began to scale it.
I wanted to tell him not to. I wanted to protest so badly. But for some reason my voice suspended in my chest, refusing to communicate this.

Gurney Norman calls this piece "original" and "suspenseful," with "surprising twists and turns...The story is richly imagined and delivers a powerful conclusion." Be on the lookout for the rest of this Kimn's story and more in our Spring 2016 edition! 


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