We've all had some pretty terrible dreams, but John, our intern liasion and one of our Limestone editors, has a running list of his worst dreams to date. Check out his list below.

1. 02/10/2016

2. 07/07/1993

3. 05/14/1981

4. 12/27/1989

5. 08/20/2008

6. 02/23/1996 (this one was really weird)

7. 01/03/1978

8. 05/09/1985

9. 09/30/1991

10. 10/13/2014

What do you think? Sounds like a good writing prompt to me.

John was born and raised in Lexington and graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2010. Shortly thereafter, John moved to Seoul, South Korea, where he taught English for two years. He moved back to Lexington to be part of UK's MFA program. John lives on the south-side of Lexington with his dog, Indiana.