Congratulations to our winner, Jayne! Thanks to everybody for entering!


In spirit of our 30th anniversary issue coming out this spring, we're excited to announce our very first social media giveaway! If you'd like to enter to win a free book signed by some of our exceptional University of Kentucky faculty, keep reading!


1. First, take a picture of what you love most about Kentucky! It can be anything -- food, nature, architecture, art, etc. This photograph MUST be an original photo! You can edit it however you want, but it must be your own picture.

2. Tweet us your photo @limestonej! Make sure your account is off private so we can see your entry!

3. Include a brief description with this picture. It doesn't even have to be 140 characters long! Just tell us why you love this picture.

4. Make sure you are following us on Twitter and Facebook! The winner of this giveaway must follow us on our social media platforms.

5. This contest will run until Friday, April 15th at noon. Winners will be chosen after this date and will be announced on our website. Must be a U.S. resident to enter! If you have any questions please direct them to our e-mail address listed in our About section.