* Eleanor Leonne Bennett Sea
  Speak to Another or Live in a Lonely World



* Emily Grise Nerves
* Daniel Hedges Bonaparte's Gull
* Judd Hess Glück Arrives in Neverland
* Philip Kobylarz Aftermath
* David Lewitzky Dervish Dancing
* Chris McCurry Sisyphus Refuses
* Jesse Minkert Autopsy
* Jeremy Paden Ruina Montium
* John Sibley Williams Iron Rain
* Charles Tisdale At the Acupuncturist's



* Meghann Hart Mango Summer: A Creation Story*
* MaryEllen Beveridge Believing All Things



In order to recognize outstanding creative writing by undergraduates at the University of Kentucky, the Department of English has designated two annual awards: the Dantzler Award for fiction and the Farquhar Award for poetry. Submissions are read by the staff of Limestone and the final decision is made by established authors. In this edition of Limestone we are delighted to present the award-winning fiction of Meghann Hart, the 2012 Dantzler award-winner.



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