2010 Limestone Cover


* Roger Camp Hell Ain't Half Full
  Iron Cowboy
* Shareen Knight Ghost Ship
* Roger Pfingston Three Eggs
* Talcott Starr Letter
* Christopher Woods 5225 Main Street
  Empty Church, New Ulm



* Jeffrey C. Alfier Things I Would Explain Come Fall
* James Gleason Bishop Lying in a Padded Chair in Room 6D-215 Near Monument Lake, Colorado
* Katie Bowler Homesick
* Peg Bresnahan Slipstream
* Sarah Carson Brian
* James Cihlar The Sandwich That Bites Back
* Jess Cullen I'm looking for AA batteries
* William Virgil Davis The Oxygen Tent
* K. E. Duffin Civilization
* Lené Gary Color
  Comfort Food
* Carrie Green Marmalade
* Lowell Jaeger Don't Be a Stranger
  My Friend the Cleaning Lady
* Suzanne M. Levine The Summer of Shorty Pajamas
* Melanie Maier February
* Elisabeth Meyer The Experiment
* Michael Milburn The Aerial View
* Letitia Momirov Epiphanies
* Peter Obourn A Clean Well-Lighted Place
* Maia Rauschenberg Collection
  Thinking of You in the Green
* David Sapp Two Buddha
* Eric Schlich The Having*
* Sarah Schuetze Superstition Sunrise 5-Star
  Luxury RV Resort
* Tim Skeen To Alex C., Arrested for Murder
* Erin Elizabeth Smith Drinking Poem
* Mark Taska The Zoo Flunky's Rebellion
* Jeanne Wagner A Personal History of Fire
* Lindsay Wilson Flight



* Jonathan Bass Parking Lot Follies*
* Jean Braithwaite The Geese
* Stephanie Harrison Cold Comfort
* Nicole Louise Reid Sparrow
* Bryan Santin Extended Stay
* Paul Stenis Clowning for Christ
* Emily Taylor Red Rover
* Matt Werbach Cleaning Out the Closet
* Blake Wilkinson The Specialist



In order to recognize outstanding creative writing by undergraduates at the University of Kentucky, the Department of English has designated two annual awards: the Dantzler Award for fiction and the Farquhar Award for poetry. Submissions are read by the staff of Limestone and the final decision is made by established authors. In this edition of Limestone we are delighted to present works by the 2010 award-winners: Jonathan Bass for fiction and Eric Schlich for poetry.



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