2009 Limestone Cover




* Glenn Edgin Stream of Water
  Rushing Stream
* Jessica Bennett Kincaid Street Musicians of Argentina
  Omaha Bridge to Nowhere
  The Accordian Player
* Loretta Kwan Solar Car on Solar Plate
  Johnny Eck
* John Lackey Back Off Pisgah a Ways
  Waiting for the Grape
  Jazz Tree
* Suta Lee Boxwood Tear
  Open Door
  The Alley
  Where's Ken?
* Brad Schwartz Owl's Eye
  The Boneyard



* Bianca Bargo Mood*
* Tina Barr Dessert
  Sparrow's Vision
* Judith Cody Did You Shoot Anyone, Daddy?
* Virginia Conn Home is Where the Heart is Kept
* Rachel de Baere Burn
  Return to Sainte Marie Sur Mer
* James Doyle Green Tea
* Joseph Farley Outside Peter and Paul's
* Harry Griswold Much Travel, Many Strange Rooms
  Arrested Identity
* Lowell Jaeger I Never Knew My Father
  Woodcutter's Lament
* John James October Elegy
  Stringing a Doe
* Janet Jennings She Dreamed of a Giant
* Joan Payne Kincaid the ice cream store is closed
* Sarah Landenwich Decembers
  My Grandparents in the Ohio
  Nocturne for Chopin
* L. D. VanAuken Not That We Are Inadequate
  Shopping for a Winter Coat
* Helen Wickes Boxwood Hedges
  Your Hundreds
  Walking After Sunrise



* Scotty Adkins The Hardest Things to Render
* Phyllis Carol Agins Prophesy
* Ron Darian Junkyard
* William Fowkes The Church
* Jason Grant The Watercolor Woman and the Empty Tuxedo
* Stan Heaton MicroBrews
* Barry Kitterman Compulsion
* John Lackey Two Weeks Notice
* Betty Moffett One Doll's Destiny: What Happened to Hunter Ann



In order to recognize outstanding creative writing by undergraduates at the University of Kentucky, the Department of English has designated two annual awards: the Dantzler Award for fiction and the Farquhar Award for poetry. Submissions are read by the staff of Limestone and the final decision is made by established authors. In this edition of Limestone we are delighted to present works by the 2009 award-winners: Jason Grant for fiction and Bianca Bargo for poetry.



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