* Barry Ballard Infrared of Tree with Cloud
  Ruin House with Ladder to Sky
* Leah Bayens Offenburg Zentrum
* Amber Bridges Cosmopolitan
  Girl Waiting
* Chuck Clenny Country Dip
  Ears and Ears
*Marcia Lamont Hopkins Hermano y Hermana
  Mexwater, Quintana Roo, 2008
*Nelson Maynard II Echoes in Stone
*Jess Miller Untitled
*Tread Elephants on Main Street
  On Limestone as if Nothing Happened
Courtesy of UK Art Museum:  
*Ida Abelman Via Northwestern
* Frederick G. Becker Beale Street Blues
* Osvaldo L. Guglielmi Odd Fellows Hall
* John Heliker Sewer Construction
* Max Kahn Horse in Passage
* Ann Rice O'Hanlon Tree No. 5
* Charles E. Pont Parkway Near Lagoon
*Joseph Vogel Dead End
*Herbert O. Waters The Old Chicken Yard



*Whitney Baker This This
* Harry Brown Comforts of the Sun; or Mid February
* Karla Clarke Power Failure
* Earl Coleman Eleven in the Sticks
* Hannah Cook Disorient
  Time Travel
* James Doyle Gentlemen on Stilts
* Meredith Davies Hadaway Basso Profundo
  Pathetic Fallacy
* Jessica Beth Howard Sleeping Beauty Explores Her Marriage
  The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe
* Markus Jones Ashland
  Dingy Rendezvous
* Janet Kirchheimer Tiller of the Soil
* Donna Marbach The Social Studies Lesson
* Michael Moran First Transatlantic Flight
  The Morning After
* Sarah Richmond Building an Easel
* Sarah Seybold Cinder Blocks
* Daniel Spees Commencement
* Rachel Stratton Heart
* Richard Taylor The Tyranny of Myth
  Young Lincoln in a Moment of Revelation
* Ron Thomas Johnny O
* Catherine Turner Dead Horse Sestina*
* Jeff Worley Autumn Poem
  In the Field Behind my Cabin I Make a Cosmic Observation



* Sara Andrew Lion Guard*
* Carolyn Light Bell Harold in his Boxer Shorts
* Cordell Caudron Unblemished Beauty
* Brenda Liebling-Goldberg The Ascension of Helen Z
* Richard L. Smith The Road More Traveled
* Jess Stanfill Maple



Each year Limestone publishes two works by University of Kentucky undergraduates: the winning story of the Dantzler Award for Fiction and the winning poem of the Farquahar Award for Poetry. We are pleased to include Sara Andrew and Catherine Turner in the 2008 edition



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