* Brian "Sal" Corral Knee Deep
* Ryana Severance Zilber Zee (Silver Lake)
  Japanese Garden
* Courtesy of UK Art Museum:  
Lyndon K. Allin, II The Baltic Boot - Tallin, January 2006
  Western Christmas in the Moscow Metro, 2004
  Yugo Zapadnaya Gambler, February 2005
  Pre-May-Day, April 29, 2005
* Todros Geller Rural Mail
* Lisa Reid Painting School: Accra, Ghana
  Mother and Child: Accra, Ghana
* Thomas Schofield Handforth Moonshine Ranch
* Mildred Shute The Switchyard
* Paul Weller Tomato Pickers



* Richard Boada La Plaza Mayor
* Matthew Browning In a Streambed
* Robert Campbell Drinking Lemonade on Third Street
* Patrick Carrington Learning of the Promised Land
* Candace Chaney let the dark, or fishers of men to certain girls
* Michael Cleary Learning Picasso
* Matt Collinsworth The Blossoming Time
* Olga-Maria Cruz Tuesday
* William DeGenaro The Lunch Pail
* Jeannine Dobbs The Freezer
* Lynnell Edwards Choosing Pink
  Everywhere, the Housepainters
* DM Gordon Magnitudes
* Kimberley Kelly Memorial Day, Ashland*
* Susanne Kort Tut
* Lisa McCabe A Cold Story
* Andrea O'Brien Legacy
* Katy Pan Big Bear Supermarket, Store #32 Columbus, Ohio 12/23/85
* Michael D. Riley Schooner
* Marilyn Ringer The Hasselblad
* Emily Ruppel Tangerines
* Misty Skaggs Forever Farm Girl
* Frederick Smock Istanbul
  The Red Sofa
* Kellie Wardman I Follow Him Down the Daniel Webster Highway
  Delta Flight #413



* Jen Frankel Hallowed Ground
* James Victor Jordan Stalemate
* Katie Kalisz Apples and Mayonnaise
  The Last Day of Keeneland
* Brent Matschke Traps
* Gary McLouth Family Trust
* Amy Woodrum The Muffin Shoppe*



Each year Limestone publishes two works by University of Kentucky undergraduates: the winning story of the Dantzler Award for Fiction and the winning poem of the Farquahar Award for Poetry. We are pleased to include Amy Woodrum and Kimberley Kelly in the 2007 edition



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