* Melissa Carter Northside
* Don Dix Self Portrait #2
* Vincent Dominguez Americana Abandoned
* Roi J. Tamkin Wagon Wheel



* Ree Davis Thing of Beauty
* Dean Jollay The Silent Woman Café
* Jayne Mortkowitz In the Eye of the Storm*
* Lynne T. Pickett Did the Devil Make You Do It?
* EG Silverman Anthropology
* Misty Skaggs The Dream Girl and the Ghost of Old Cleo
* Jenny Smick Cut Short



* Michael Levan Routine
  Telling #2
  The Rabbit Hole
* Kathryn Roberts Hunger
* Molly Thynes Any Given Psycho
* Bill Torgerson The Mushroom Hunter: A Son's Story About His Father's Passion



* Bobby Steve Baker Listening Again for Signs of Life
* Michael Biehl Old, Rich, and Alone
* Jennifer Lange Re-Ultrasound
* Angie Macri LaCroix Creek
* Betsy Martin The Restroom at Mount Auburn Cemetery
* Xuxa Rodriguez 6 hours and 13 minutes
* Abigail Warren A Field Guide to Salmon
* Abigail Whitehouse Line Breeding



In order to recognize outstanding creative writing by undergraduates at the University of Kentucky, the Department of English has designated two annual awards: the Dantzler Award for fiction and the Farquhar Award for poetry. Submissions are read by the staff of Limestone and the award-winners are decided upon by established authors. In this edition of Limestone we are delighted to present work by the 2014 Dantzler award-winner: Jane Mortkowitz.

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