* Gerald R. Wheeler ER
  Playful Foals
  After Foaling
* Alethea Devary New Orleans Street Performer
* Lyndon K. Allin, II Chistye Prudy
* Julie Brooks Barbour Waiting for the Horse to Respond
* Randall Roorda paperbox
* Brian "Sal" Corral Raptivo Falso
*Pablo Goddard Parking Station
  Looking Towards the Sunset



* George Ella Lyon Just Might
  Wait, Weight
* Sarah L. Ferguson Wishful Thinking
* Stephen R. Cope The Mad Reverand, Easter Sermon, '05, or God Love the Animals
* Melanie P. Jackson Prenatal Tablets
* David Sapp Above Us
* Ryan G. Van Cleave Wilson's Creek, MO--June 1861
* Naomi Clewett You So Close Unreachable
* Ann McGovern For My Mother
* D. R. Goodman Interstate 80 Eclipse
* Pamela Steele Blackberries
* Jay Carson I Delight
* Bonnie J. Manion The Carousel
* Larry Moore A Black Church is Inherently a Public Nuisance
* Margaret B. Ingraham Beholdng Nehemiah
* Nick Kouns This Dream, My Urn
* James Doyle The Great Temple Dissolves
* David Harrity Slave Wall
* Mackenzie Outlund A Woman's Logos*
  My Mother's Hands*
* Daisy Levy Entering the War
* F. Daniel Rzicznek March Visits the Retired Gravedigger
* E. Gail Chandler The Stress Dragons
* Stephen Holt Museum Piece
* B. Z. Niditch February
* Laressa Dickey Tap, Tapestry
* Eugenie Juliet Theall Blown Engine
* Nathan Leslie Glassware
* Keith Liles Reclaim
* Frederick Smock The Exam
* Katrina Mariah Jensen Taxonomies of Want and Lack
* G. Wesley Houp Anecdote With a Cow's Rib
  Anecdotes to Keep a Farm
  Anecdotes for a Trash Madonna
* Tad Richards Sookie
  Sookie on the Road
* Rebecca Howell Sight



* Ed Hamilton Sonny's Bar
* Mackenzie Outlund A Sacred Yes*
* OJ Cartaya Blue Chair
* Ben Simmons The Monster



In order to recognize outstanding creative writing by undergraduates at the University of Kentucky, the Department of English has designated two annual awards: the Dantzler Award for fiction and the Farquhar Award for poetry. Submissions are read by the staff of Limestone and the final decision is made by established authors. In 2006, one outstanding writer won both awards, and we are, therefore, delighted to present the work of Mackenzie Outlund in this edition of Limestone

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