* Erin Miller Reid Lorelei
* Ruth Adams Magnolia
* Jess Miller Tiger Swallowtails
* W. A. Bilen Two Chairs
* Brian Connors Manke Us/Them
* Laura Moore Me Plus You
  Surrogate Mourner
* Alethea Devary Pregnant Jess
* Vidhu Aggarwal Do Not Fly 5
* Sherman Cahal Reflection
  Abandoned Mill
  Barboursville Brick Plant
  Marquette Cement Plant
  New Boston Coke Plant



* Olga-María C. Cruz The Void
* Hank Hudepohl Relocating
* Jennifer Harris Sodot
* Christine Poreba Something Polka
  Your Silent Elegy
* B. Z. Niditch I'm Nine
* Todd Keisling Porno
* Rosa Salazar Fellowship
* Carl Auerbach Anna Akhmatova, Resurrected, Reads Her Work at the Brown University Women's Studies Center
  To All Those People Who Began Life with Great Promise but Lately Find They Are Living Out One Country Song after Another
* Ron Thomas Grandmothers Daughters and Snakes
* Becky Kennedy Mother
  March Storm
* Christine Stewart-Nuñez Phantom
  Government Hospital
* Sam L. Martin Wings
* Ye Chun Phoenix Country
* C. D. Albin Child of Mine
* David Dooley Fifth Nocturne
  Sixth Nocturne
* Charlotte McCaffrey Bird Dog
* Thor Jourgensen Your House
* Richard N. Bentley God's Children
* Tricia Caspers Family Portrait
* Michelle Matz Ars Poetica
* Parneshia Jones Legend of the Buffalo Poets
* Nita Karpf Iniskim
* traci oberg connor the drift of the sun
* Michael Atkinson How You Were Born
* Kim Jaxtheimer Comfort Inn
* Laura Pendell What Can Safely Be Said
* Frederick Zydek Letter to Blain at Southern Methodist University
* Barry Ballard Trail of Tears
* Vanessa Kittle Creation Myth
* Amanda Auchter Morning Papers



* Bob Sloan Fraley's Furlough
* Robert Gaffaney Marta
* Robin Romm Fluency
* Tim Keane Manhunt



* G. Wesley Houp Review of Stephen R. Cope's Clover's Log
* Parneshia Jones

The Immortalization of York: Frank X Walker Brings York
to the Forefront of the Lewis and Clarke Expedition


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