* Lauren Murrell Untitled
* Ashley Reis Trespassing
* steven charles moline Etching
* Alethea Devary Hidden Path
  Fruits of Neglect
* Sherman Cahal Waverly Hills Sanatorium
  Carlyle Tile Brick
  Lakin State Hospital
* Stephanie Potter Calm before the Storm
  Dog Days
* Robert Carden Experiment 24



* Joe Survant Yardwork
  The Sickle
  When the Great House is Broken
* Stacey Floyd Thank God We're Constantly Dying
* Tony Crunk Genesis
* Ron Whitehead Searching for Abraham Lincoln
  My Beautiful Mutant
* Steven R. Cope His Favorite Father
  Choosing Up
  The Night I Quit the Ph.D.
* Troy Teegarden Take You There
* Randall Roorda Ghost Watercourse
  Two Lesser Orders
* Sarah Elizabeth Sifting Through Gravel
* Eric Trethewey Punctuation
* Julie Brooks Barbour Peeling
  All her life, cotton
* Charlie Hughes The Doppelganger's Question
* Kenneth Hawley Upon Reflection
* Gerry McFarland When Rick Died Linda Said
* James Yonts I Took a Bath Nearly Naked in a Stream
* Andrea Quaid Gathering
* G. Wesley Houp Anecdote with a Deflated Balloon
  The Bermuda Triangle
* Eric Rickert The Stroke
* James Baker Hall Mouse Elegy
  For Matthew Shepard & His Mother
* Cheryl R. Hopson Kentucky 2003
* Frederick Smock The Virtuous Horse
* Michelle Catlin Grannie's Suitors
  Silent Movie
* Richard N. Bentley On the Barge Marie Jose
* Mark Taska The Hand out of the Turf
* Emily Blaser Guests
  Monday Night Nightmare
* Larry Moore Independence Day
  Instruction Manual
* Ann Neuser Lederer Linkages
* Davis McCombs Sand Cave Confession
  Jim Dowling's Green River Diary, September 1894
  One of His Five Thousand Afternoons
* Margo Note Waves I Dream I'm Drowning In
* Mary Kennan Herbert Another Home Movie, St Louis, 1945
* James Doyle The Fisherman
  When I Lived in a Cave
* William Woolfit River
* Chris Green Woodland Park
  Each Year as Stars Go Rolling By
* Maurice Manning A.M.
* Earl Coleman Bubbemeisses
* J. E. Bennett Moonchild Rising
* David Sapp The Doe
  The Wolf
* Shayla Lawson How my family dealt with my anorexia:
* Fred Yannantuono The River of Forgetfulness
* Walter Griffin The Tomato
  Something Grazes
* Sean Dummitt I Am Sonnets



* Holly Goddard Jones Things That Get Thrown Away
* Ed McLanahan Freejack
* Gurney Norman Local Narratives
* Bob Sloan Ice
* George Hovis Flirt like Other Men


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