* Jo Ann Circosta Richard Taylor: Poet With The Stone Eye



* Jeff Worley Submission Policy
* Jonathan Allison Stormont 2000
* Stuart Arotsky Remembering Frost
  Sometimes a Red Wheelbarrow
* Wendell Berry Unregarded
  The Future
* Robert Boyd Letters To My Children--#7 I'm Leaving
  A Lesson on Maps
* Gail Summerskill Cummins Keen of the Narcissist
* J dunbar Everybody Gets The Blues Now And Again
  7:30 AM Central Time
  It Takes A Lot, It Takes A Little
* Phillip T. Egelston Good Looks
  Police Report
* L. L. Lee Martial Epigrams II, 88
  Martial Epigrams III, 9
  Martial Epigrams VII, 3
  For Sylvia
  Martial Epigrams III, 18
  Martial Epigrams III, 45
  Martial Epigrams IV, 41
* Nikky Finney A Hero Ain't Nothing But A Sandwich
* D. Gallik A Neuro-Linguist, Marriage, Death
* Jane Gentry Desire
* Therese Gleason Magdalene
* Stuart T. Gravatt Ode to the Non-Self
* James Baker Hall The Wait
* Tom Hardin Love's Wall
* Richard Hillyer An Horatian Ode Upon Auden's Return From Iceland
* Rebecca Howell This Business
* Marcia L. Hurlow Dawn
  Agreement Between Friends
* Matt Jaeger A Writer Becomes#
  Under This Teacher#
* Susanne Kort On Proust's Essay On Reading
* Abby Lane guitar players
* Giovanni Malito Pushing The Envelope
  Return From Exile
* Tom McFadden The Cabbages of Remembrance Avenue
* Abby Millager Why Must A Bird (write a poem)
  Dragonfly Island
* Mary Ann Mitchell My First Vertical
* Linda Lancione Moyer Sewing
  Gleaming Pearl Shell
* Tina Parker In Memory Of
  Trying To Forget
* Steve Patterson, Jr. Care Song #16
* Jennifer M. Phillips Las Palomas
  What The Encyclopedia Hasn't Told Me
* Maria-Cruz Rodriguez El Tren Salvaje
* Brooke Salisbury Age*
* Sharon Schaller Powdered Milk
* Jean-Mark Sens Taste
* Jeffrey Skinner Aubade, January
* Virgil Suarez Rural Demography
* Richard Taylor Notes Toward A Backyard Bestiary
* Mary Ann Taylor-Hall Fall 1999
* Clarence W. Tweedy March 5, 1999 Lynchburg General Hospital
  Wood Stove
* Frank X. Walker Literary Patriarch (for Gurney Norman)
* Jeff Worley Song of the Prematurely Miserable



* Frank Doring Kentucky Scenes
* Sarah Wylie Ammerman Bittersweet
* Justin Field Guitar Lesson
  Highrise Reflection
* Colby Foster Shillito Park
  Cemetery, Danville Ky
* Peggy Harlow Oxford - June, 1998
  Tintern Abbey
* Elizabeth Keith Jerry Garcia
* Gregory Miller Sitting Bull
* Kenneth Paul Untitled
  Sunlit Flag
* Brett Wagman Future Artist



* Alex Brooks Disappearance of Manual High School*
* Guy Brooksbank Christmas
* Amy Crawford The Lesson of Hill Road
* Justin Field Holding
* Dorothy Freeman e-mail
* Lynda Matusek Surmounting Fear
* Ed McClanahan The Clock Tower
* Julie Meadows Stripping#
* Gurney Norman Main Street
* Patrick O'Keeffe You My Son Have Always Been Mine
* Tina Parker An Intrusive White
* Lynn Pruett Another Kiss
* Joe Sutliff Sanders Beholden
* Frank X. Walker Black Mountain



* Rhonda Reeves The Road Goes On Forever




* Matt Sutton An Idealist In Amber



In order to recognize outstanding creative writing by undergraduates at the University of Kentucky, the Department of English has designated two annual awards: the Dantzler Award for fiction and the Farquhar Award for poetry. Submissions are read by the staff of Limestone and the final decision is made by established authors. In this edition of Limestone we are delighted to present works by the 2000 award-winners: Alex Brooks for fiction and Brooke Salisbury for poetry.


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