* Ron Whitehead Tapping My Own Phone
* Wayne Hogan Next Poem
  Figure 1 on the Color Chart
* Frederick Smock Of Xanthippe
* Jonathan Allison Not Cricket
* Anca Vlasopolos Lasting Summer
* Will Wells Horse Girl
* Robert Fanning Sissy
* Anne Britting Oleson Who Says Girls Can't Play with Trains?
* Analisa Lee Bookbinding
* Earl Coleman Pas de Deux
* James Dott Out of the Dark
* Tryfon Tolides the third one#
* Baron Wormser Acting Out
* Errol Miller An American, As Southerner
* Mary Crockett Hill Bread
* Amy Jo Huffman The House of God
* Glen A. Mazis Pennsylvania Row House Estate Auction
* Angelyn Maree Hays Tux and Tails
* Todd Copeland Tu Fu Redivivus
* Daniel Daly The Dead Man's Dog
* Carla Slavey Bee Rock
* Taylor Graham Cat Country
* Henry Pile The Flight of the Bumblebee
* Craig Beaven Deep Inside the Machine
* William Aiken Having One's Fortune Read at Seventy
* Tharin Williamson Visioning with Vincent
* Bradley Williams Champney Falls
* Jeanie Gushee For Mary Cassatt
* Judson Evans Bust of Diego
* Jason L. Martin Peeling Oranges
* Young Smith Inenarrabilis
* Mary Baron Baby Dreams
* William Miller The Beer Man
* Tim Skeen The Voice of a Woman with One Lung
* William Snyder Jr. My Brother Wants to Scatter My Mothers Ashes
* Nyalls Hartman There is a Place Where I Keep Your Writing
* Virgil Suarez Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, 1974
* Damniso Lopez Cover Letter
  The Poet and the Horseshoe Thrower



* Patrick J. Murphy Aspirin
* Mexie Cottle Sister Nan for the Defense
* Joe Sutliff Sanders When the Sun Rises#
* Brian Weinberg Tick, Tock
* Hugh Fox Resurrection
* Sarah Van Arsdale The Bottle
* Rebecca McDonald Snow Day
* Liz Hall Dance of the Maenads
* Jennifer Gibson Summer Sundays



* M. J. W. O'Hara Review of Wendell Berry, Selected Poems
* Jeff Birkenstein Review of Chris Offut, Out of the Woods



* W. Seldon Vance City Space
* Laura Naylor collage
  Untitled 1
  Untitled 2
* Jeff Birkenstein Guggenheim, Bilbao
* Michele Hickey Mason 5c Hamburgers 5c
* L. D. Wilson Innocence



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