* Tony Brusate & Scott Bryson "This Absolutely Matters": An Interview with W. S. Merwin



* T. Crunk 3 Drms.
  Burning Groung
* Wayne Hogan Eggs for Breakfast
* Frederick Smock from Kentuckie
* Lauren Bower Smith Lost Iowa
* Rafaella Del Bourgo Telling 2's
* David M. Miller Reverend Stone
* David Lunde To the Tune "Fairy Grotto"
* David George Nighthawks
* Judi A. Rypma Gezelligheid
* Richard Fein Second Funeral
* Eric Howard Hawkeye
* Shaadi Khoury Notes from a College Guidance Counselor
* James Hill Spanish Lesson
* Darcy Thompson Spades
* Craig Beaven Closing
* William DeGernaro Moving Day
* Gregor Delisle Going Out Into the Snow
* Greta Neunder The Last Girl at the Party
* Steven M. Thomas Jacob's Complaint
* Geoff Schmidt What I Say When Someone I Love Asks, "What's Wrong?"
* Marianne Milton Raspberry-Headed Orandas
* John Cantey Knight A Burning Match Ignites
* Maureen A. Sherbondy Waiting
* Adam Brooke Davis Highway Home
* Katy Chiles Ma Crook
* Errol Miller The Alabaster Room
* Lyn Lifshin Frank Lampshire
* Cindy Milwe How We're Invisible
* Jeff Zurcher Losing V.Z.
* Pamela Papka Sexton Orphan
* Laura Read Souvenir
* Andrea B. Geffner 1951
* Della Watson Swimmers
* Jeanne Provost If Queens Married Brooklyn
* B. Z. Niditch March
* Boynton Merrill, Jr. The Ram
* Edward Locke Linkdown
* M. Rebecca Ransom Mixed
* David-Glen Smith Jeanne Alone in the Green
* Paul Harrison A Little Revolt
* Cynthia Gralla Illumination
* John Maki Keeping Watch
* Chris Waters Solomon Goldman in the Memorial Garden
* John Noland Grandmother's Quilts
* Sarah Van Arsdale Unlearning
* Mary Stepp Dry Lightening
* Ward Kelley Black Man Lynching Back
* Patricia G. Rourke Surprise Attack
* G.C. Waldrep Sectarian Succession
* C. Prudence Arceneaux 178
* Mary Agnes Dalrymple Waiting for the Repairman
  Grandpa's Story
* Vernon Frazer Guidelines for Going Postal Over Guidelines at the Post Office



* Christian Hansen As Yet Untouched by the Gods
* Chris Offutt A Dog and his Boy
* Patrick O'Keeffe In the Home for the Aged
* Gurney Norman Delmer's Dote
* Christopher Mohney Dynastes Hercules
* Frank Scozzari The Triumph



* Kate Hesseldenz Corner Grill
* Heather Prichard Untitled



Affrilachian Poets  
* Nikky Finney SharkBite
* Frank X. Walker Cuttin' Season
* Kelly Norman Ellis Mermaid II
* Bernard Clay Anotha Kick Theme
* Chihambuane Homemade Bread
  Yelling with your Hands
* Paul C. Taylor A Valentine Message, 1998

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