* Wendell Berry From Sabbaths, 1991
* David McAleavey War Dead Memorial
* Maurice W. Manning Eclogue Against an Abomination
  Tidings from a Paleskin Pauper
* Kim Miller Hunting
* Arthur Winfield Knight Cynthia Ann Parker: Rescued
* Neil Megaw Sort of a Song for a Bygone Summer
* Mike Zecchino Apprentice at Steuben Glassworks
* Jeff Worley Noted in Passing
* Kelly Norman Ellis Scratchin' Rhymes
* Bill Cowee Mild Years and Yellowjacket Queens
* Beth Bailey Victory Girl
* Walter Griffin Night Trains
  Trigger Housings
* Randy W. Oakes Uncle's Bank
* Joy Hewitt Mann Queen of the Desert
* Mark Spitzer Scandinavian Grandparents
  with Peen Scoops
* Kelly Elizabeth Ott Another Weather
* Diane Billot Fearless
* Allison Touster-Reed Taxidermy
* Paul Shore A Career
* Susan Hiles Dan-o-mite
* frank X. Walker II Pee Rats and Roaches
* Ben Satterfield If Wall Street Only Knew
* William S. White Last August
  Dream of the K-Mart Cowboy
* Daniel B. Trinkle What Father Said
* Beth Harrison Hurry Home
* Tim Meyer The Opening

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