* Kenneth King Necrophilia
* Martha A. Wells nightmare
* R. T. Smith Carnival
  Sacred Place
* Randy W. Oakes After the Financial Revolution
* Eugene Vice Patio of the Lions
  Elgin Movements
* Barbara M. Lanham The Ducks
* Carole Murphy After the Funeral
  --for Mary
* Marguerite Floyd Secret Work
  New Year's Morning
* Barbara Mabry Sheep
* Sheila E. Murphy Presto
* Keith Hubbard A Jazz Primer
* Anne Shelby I Wish I Lived in the Bronx with Three
  Strange Birds Were Singing Merrily
* Lyn Lifshin Madonna Laryngitis
  In My Mother's Bedroom
* M. C. Hellard Institutional Recall
  It Has Been Decided
  Semiautomatic High Fidelity
  A Piece of History



* James Wyatt The Ride
* Ann Thomas The Test
* Regina R. B. Bergner Bodies of Water
* Brent Brennenstuhl The Ten-Dollar Turtle

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