Don Dix - - Don Dix is best known for his representational pencil on paper drawings. Don was born in Louisville, Kentucky. He joined the U.S. Navy when he was 17 and had sailed around the world in a Navy destroyer by the time he was 21. He attended the University of California at Berkeley during the turbulent 1960s and received his BA in economics in 1970. Mr. Dix had a successful real estate appraisal practive in San Mateo, California. After retiring and moving back to Kentucky Don began to actively explore and develop his lifelong interest in art. He is currently a BA (candidate) in Studio Arts at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, Kentucky. One of Don's pencil drawings was selected to be shown at the juried Carrie Ellis Art Show. This was a 30'X23" perspective pencil on paper drawing titled Hallway in the Reynolds Building. He also exhibited selected photographs at the second annual photo exhibit at Lexington's central library. This was part of a gallery hop born in Lexington, Kentucky. Numerous works of his, including a 7.5' cardboard plumb bob and a 42"X59" acrylic painting titled Kate's Ukelele have been exhibited on the hallway of the Reynolds Art Building.  

Don's work: 

* Green Caroline
* October 1945
* Self Portrait #2

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